The history of pesticides timeline

Timeline of Pesticides


EPA Passes Pesticide registration Improvement Act (PRIA)

December 2000

122 nations (including the US) sign a treaty intended to phase out completely Persistent Organic Pollutants (ハラモPOPsハラン) including DDT


Chlordane, or chlordane, is an organochlorine compound used as a pesticide. Pyrethroids become more mainstream


US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to cancel the registration of Organophosphate parathion in the US


Organophosphate parathion is one of the most dangerous pesticides. Poisoned 650 agricultural workers


Geigy invents the carbanates


After the Second World War, insecticide production was booming


The Second World War causes three discoveries:

1. The insecticides DDT

2. The organophpsphate insecticides

3. The phenoxyacetic herbicides


Products to prevent house pests sold


Inorganic substances introduced

1892 The first modern pesticide, potassium dinitro-2-cresylate was made, and was sold in Germany

Late 1800s

French vineyard growers come up with the idea of different weed killers for certain weeds


Professor Millardet find copper matured to prevent mildew


The beginning of modern pesticide. Colorado beetles take over the United States potato crops and arsenic (a pesticide) is applied.


London Horticultural Society told people that sulfur is the cure for mildew on peaches


In Marseilles, a mixture of water, slaked lime and tobacco was used for cure for plant lice


In England, the herb rue was boiled and sprayed on the trees to remove cantharid flies

Early 1700s

John Parkinson said to use a mixture of vinegar, cow dung and urine to be put on trees with canker to help them kill the virus.

200 B.C.

The Roman writer, Cato tells vineyard farmers to burn bitumen to remove insects

1000 B.C.

The Greek poetry writer Homer preferred to use sulphur.

1500 B.C.

Egyptians made insecticides to prevent lice, fleas and wasps.

The history of pesticides timeline

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The history of pesticides timeline

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The history of pesticides timeline illustrated in this awesome graphic.
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