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The History Of Opportunity

The History of Opportunity

How Humans Created Value and made money

by Anna Vital

in 2012 Gross World Product $71 trillion

pre-history 10,000 B.C. 500 A.D. 1200 A.D. 1500 A.D. 1550 1700 1780 1901 1930 1960 2001

Gross World Product in trillions of USD

first entrepreneurs, want to work more since warriors no longer plunder their shops

hunter grower warrior craftsman explorer merchant mechanizer industrialist oil driller corporate executive financier startup founder

growing is more stable than hunting

we can plunder growers' food (for the king)

if we make things and found cities warriors won't get us

let's plunder far away lands

bring things form others lands and sell

machines make more things fast

electric machines make things even faster

since industrialists need to feed cars oil

cars made large factories into corporations

now let's buy and sell corporations (LBO)

making useful things faster than a corporation

The History Of Opportunity

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In history, startup entrepreneurship has become the fastest way to create value, and thus the fastest way to move upward in life. But this opportunity is unlike other opportunities humans had in histo...
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