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The History of Guantanamo Bay

The History of Guantanamo Bay


Christopher Columbus first sets

eye on Guantanamo Bay. He and

his crew help themselves to food

being preserved for a feast by

local Taino "Indians."


British Rear Admiral Edward

Vernon leads 62 Ships through

the entrance at Guantanamo

Bay. Lawrence Washington,

half brother to George

Washington is among the

British Colonists Serving on the



The Chicago Tribune reports

its sources saw 12 US slaving

trips unloading over 5,000

slaves in Guantanamo in July,

in violation of the international

ban on slave trading.


US marine come ashore at

Guantanamo Bay. After a fierce

fighting in the battle of Cuzco

Well, the marines drive the

Spanish regiment from the bay.


The Cuban Constitutional

Conventions ratifies the platt

Amendment by a 16-11

margin. It grants the US the

right to intervene at will in

Cuban affairs and leases

Guantanamo Bay as a naval



The Cuban senate ratifies a

treaty leasing 45 square miles

of territory at the outer harbor

to the US as stipulated in the

platt Amendment.


Raul Castro captures a

busload of US marines on

June 28 in order to pressure

the US government to abide

by its arms embargo to the

Batista government. The last

marine is released July 18.


As the Cuban Missile Crisis

reaches a climax, all

dependents are ordered to

evacuate from the US naval



In two separate episodes, the

US detains about 85,000

Cubans and Haitians for nearly

2 years in Guantanamo.

refusing them right to counsel

on grounds that it was outside

US constitutional jurisdiction.


The first so-called enemy

combatants arrive at

Guantanamo Bay. The Bush

administration decides to use

Guantanamo for detention

operation because of its

supposed legal immunity.

The History of Guantanamo Bay

shared by mg2011 on Jan 11, 2012 in Other

The History of Guantanamo Bay

shared by mg2011 on Jan 11, 2012 in Other


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History of Guantanamo Bay based on "Guantánamo: An American History" by Jonathan M. Hansen.
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