The History of Domain Names

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An infographic showing the history of domain names, starting from the first registered domain, back in 1985.



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Transcript: was registered on March 15, 1985 by the Symbolics Computer Corporation in Massachusetts In 2009, the domain was sold to Investments for an undisclosed sum. This year, 2012, we celebrate the 27th anniversary. The internet is a $1.5 trillion industry Symbolics has been mentioned on CNN, Fox News, CNBC, The discovery channel, msnbc,, and many more media outlets. The internet is a 1.5 trillion dollar industry projected to be a $4 trillion industry by 2020 GODADDY is the single largest registrar of domain names. 5 most popular websites today: google, you tube, facebook, yahoo, Domain and internet growth annual renewal and growth is less than 10 dollars a year and no property taxes many corporations buy domain names just to prevent others from acquiring the name and growing potential market average cost of a premium domain exceeds $20,000 and rising everyday annual domain name sales are exceeding $250 million the third quarter of 2011 closed 220 million domain name registrations Registered domain names at end of 2011 95.5 million .com 13.8 million .net 9.3 million .org 7.6 million .info 2.1 million .biz Two letter .com domain names are the most valuable virtual real estate reportedly sold to facebook for 8.5 million sold recently for 3.85 million there are only 676 possible two domains first 2 letter domain name was in 1986 Most expensive domain names 2011 2.6 million 2010 13 million (most expensive domain name ever) 2009 5.1 million email 92% of adult us internet users send or read email the big three are email sites together accounting for over 1 billion users yahoo, hotmail and gmail 3.1 billion email accounts in 2011 294 billion average numbers of emails per day Internet users 2.1 billion worldwide more devices connected to the web than people on earth 82.2 million smartphones connected to internet the number of global internet users has grown by 42% from 2000 to 2011 Emoticon the first emoticon is credited to Kevin Mackenzie in 1979 but was rather simple and didnt really look like a face social media launched 2003- my space, linked in 2004- facebook 800 million facebook users 200 million users added in 2011 2011-twitter 18.1 people following Gaga video 1 trillion playbacks on youtube 48 hours of video uploaded per minute images 14 million instagram accounts in 2011 60 photos uploaded per second 100 billion photos on facebook 51 million users on flickr 6 billion photos hosted on Flickr.