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Historical Gold Prices For Over 100 Years Since 1910

Historical Gold Prices For Over 100 Years Since 1910

Historical Gold Prices For Over 100 Years

Since 1910

Gold has always been considered as a symbol

of power and wealth. In human history

gold always held its own significance

among other metals. Throughout

the human history it has been

considered as a very precious metal

used in ornaments and jewelry

by Kings, Queens and other rich

and wealthy people of the society.

Other than jewelry and decoration,

it is also being used for

several chemical and industrial

processes. Being precious and

extremely valuable its prices

kept on fluctuating throughout

the history. There is an international gold market

today and in today's world gold

prices fluctuate on

daily basis. On one day they

might be on a decline and on

other day they might mount

extraordinarily affecting the

whole global economy. The

global economy depends

heavily on increase or

decrease of gold prices

today. Even the currency,

inflation rates and the

whole banking system

depends on the global

gold prices today.

The situation was the

same even a century

ago. Here in this

infographic we

analyze the change

and fluctuation in

gold prices after

every decade in

last one hundred

years. You will see an


inflation trend

inglobal gold

prices after




futher adds

to the value

of gold.

$1,929.73 2012

$1,420.25 2010

$272.65 2000

$386.20 1990

$594.90 1980

$38.90 1970

$36.50 1960

$40.25 1950

$34.50 1940

$20.67 1930

$20.67 1920

$20.67 1910

Historical Gold Prices For Over 100 Years Since 1910

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Gold is always considered as the standard of wealth and strong economy. The bigger the reserves of the gold a country has the stronger and richer the country is. It’s stature as a very precious meta...
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