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Hipster Road Trip

Not Normal America
A series of Not Normal Road Trips presented by Mini

Bemidji, MN
Visit a statue of Paul Bunyan, the world’s largest hipster.

Omaha, NE
Pick up some vinyl at Saddle Creek Shop.

Dyersville, IA
Take Instagram photos of a cornfield.

Chicago, IL
See a band no one’s heard of at Pitchfork Music Festival.

Norfolk, VA
Make your grandpa jealous at Thrift Store USA.

Lancaster, PA
Purchase an extremely long wool scarf in Amish Country.

Carlstadt, NJ
Find a color as unique as you at PANTONE Headquarters.

Brooklyn, NY
Get some rooftop harvested beeswax for your mustache.

Miami, FL
Listen to some authentic live Cuban music in Little Havana.

Austin, TX
Get an American flag tattoo, or just an ironic tattoo.

Las Vegas, NV
Xbox is too mainstream. Visit the Pinball Hall of Fame.

Palm Springs, CA
Stay at a mid-century modern house.

Seattle, WA
Buy a siphon-brewed cup of coffee for $14.

Portland, OR
Pillage the largest indie bookstore in the world. Don’t forget your Warby Parkers.

Cupertino, CA
Pay homage to the holyland for tech fanboys and fangirls.

Los Angeles, CA
Grease up your fixie for a midnight ride.

Hipster Road Trip

shared by Hyperakt on Oct 12, 2012 in Travel

Hipster Road Trip

shared by Hyperakt on Oct 12, 2012 in Travel


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We couldn't resist this one. We admit it. We love MINI. Most normal car brands don't have much personality, but MINI is not normal. It's feisty, its fun, its joyful and it's not afraid to be different...
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