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From Hipster to Hippie

From Hipster to Hippie
A Cautionary tale told in 6 steps
Step 1
Disaffected expression
V-neck t-shirt
Tight jeans
Step 2
Ironic stache
Sweat stains
Step 3
Never bathes, more stains
Chain grease
Casual tear
u-lock for fixie
serious chops
Step 4
Stretched out v-neck
Chemically altered sweat stains
Disintegrating tight jeans
Step 5
Lumber jack beard
Stains starting to take over shirt
Naturally forming dreadlocks
Tight jeans continue to break down
Step 6
Epic chest beard
For drum circles
Sweat stains turn into natural tie-dye
Traded shoes for rare vinyl single

From Hipster to Hippie

shared by dennis on Jul 19, 2011 in Humor

From Hipster to Hippie

shared by dennis on Jul 19, 2011 in Humor


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San Francisco is rife with hipsters & hippies. Sometimes you can't really tell the difference. This illustration shows why.
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