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Hello Kitty Fun Facts

The Real


Real Name: Kitty White Born: November 1, 1974

Birth Place: London England Favorite Food:

Height: Weight:

Species: Japanese Bobtail Cat

Favorite color: Red

Favorite Word: Friendship

Favorite School Subjects: English,Music,Art


Number of Hello Kitty products. More are made each month.

1 Billion

How much money that's made from Hello Kitty products each year.


Number of video games that Hello Kitty ids in.


She made her first appearance on coin purse in Japan.


Hello Kitty is said to be in 3rd grade,she is actually 38 years old


Date she was named UNICEF ambassador to the United States.

To celebrate 35 years of Hello Kitty, Sanrio linked 5 different bows with a meaning.

Meaning Of The Bows

Wish(green bow)

Friendship(Red bow)

Sweet(purple bow)

Cute(Pink Bow)

Heartful(yellow bow)

Hello Kitty Fun Facts

shared by linchpinseo on Feb 19, 2013 in Entertainment

Hello Kitty Fun Facts

shared by linchpinseo on Feb 19, 2013 in Entertainment


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