Google Search VS Facebook Graph Search

Google Search VS Facebook Graph Search

Keyword Based Natural Language

Friends near me Friends near me

A company in Guantanamo Bay
providing entertainment for friends

Meaningless Meaningful

Best coffee shops Best coffee shops

Did you mean..
Dr. Best’s coffee shop?

Lifeless Full Of Life

Interesting music Music my friends like

Interesting’s youtube

Interesting is a popular music band
that never produced a nice song

Past Future

John Doe John Doe

John Doe on Wikipedia John Doe
Email Photos
Read about John Does history and Phone Friends
legacy because everybody is a Activities Family

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Google Search VS Facebook Graph Search

shared by owaeis on Jan 21, 2013 in Social Media

Google Search VS Facebook Graph Search

shared by owaeis on Jan 21, 2013 in Social Media


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Facebook has recently introduced Graph Search which brings the long due innovation in internet searching and suddenly makes Google look broken. It is based on natural language instead of Google’s ke...
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