Google Plus Design Cheat Sheet 2013

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Design Cheat Sheet for Google+ in 2013 Google+ currently has over 150 million active users and this number is constantly rising. Already interests & needs of individuals and companies are more focused and more easily targeted than Facebook. Whats more sharing stays within the circles you want it so no more posting and your boss seeing it, a more efficient, organised network. Google+ is social networking that recognizes the internet as a reflection of the real world. We have designed a basic Design Cheat Sheet for Designers and Webmasters to allow a quick reference for image dimensions when creating and updating new profiles pages, or simply amending current profiles and pages.




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Google+ New Design Changes 2013 Here's The New Sizing Cheat Sheet Google+ Just went plus size Google+ 2120px Cover photos just got bigger! Profie Pic 270x270 px 1192px 333px or 28% g+ G+ Across Different Platforms Get Info Shape....... 1192px Safe Zone For Information Profile Pic 270x270 px 2120px Desktop Full 2120 x 350 px Desktop Small 1280 x 350 px Tablet 1536 x 350 px Photo Cover Dimensions Hover Image Mini Pic 100% Size 2120 x 1192 104 x 104 px 70% Size 1480 x 832 50% Size 1060 x 832 25% Size 530 x 298 Standard Cover Photo Dimensions Updating Your G+ Universe Status updates thumbnail Up to 100,000 150 x 150 px Characters & hashtags Share your videos Video Preview 497 x 279 px Shared Images Shared Images 497 x 373 px Can now be uploaded & viewed up to 2048 x 2048 Infographic created by Edge IT Website Design
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