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Gendercide - 4 million missing new baby girls in one year
Key (drawing of a baby) = 1 million babies

Babies born per a year in the world
In the world there was 134 million births last year. Of that there was:
69 million baby boys born
65 million baby girls born

Ratio of baby boys to girls born per a year
Worldwide human sex ratio at birth is on average 1 girl to 1,05 boys. But because makes are more likely to die in infancy, the natural sex rations ultimately balance out.

Highlighted in blue is where there is an unnatural rate of more than 1.06 boys to girls born. In China the ratio is 1 girl to every 1.133 boys and in India the ratio is 1 girl to 1.12 boys.

USA - ratio is 1 girl to 1.47 boys
UK - ratio is 1 girl to 1.052 boys
Spain - ratio is 1 girl to 1.065 boys
India - ratio is 1 girl to 1.12 boys
China - ratio is 1 girl to 1.15 boys

World Population - 7,021,836,029
China - 1,343,239,923
India - 1,205,072,612
USA - 313,847,065
Indonesia - 248,716,890
Brazil - 205,714,890
UK - 63,047,162

4 million new baby girls missing in 2012
Reasons for the imbalance is a strong preference for boys in certain countries.

Sex-selective abortion and infanticide are methods used to eliminate baby girls.

Number of births per a year in China and India
In India there were 12.6 million baby boys born and 11.3 million baby girls born in 2011.
1.3 million missing baby girls in India.

In China there were 8.5 million baby boys born and 7.5 million baby girls born in 2011.
1 million missing baby girls in China.

The crime rate has almost doubled in China during the past 20 years of rising sex ratios, with stories of bride abduction, the trafficking of women, rape and prostitution.


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Gendercide - Killed, aborted or neglected, at least 4m girls have disappeared every year—and the number is rising.
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