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The Evolution of Long Distance Relationships

The evolution of the Long-Distance Relationship

As quickly as new technologies are developed, people find ways to use them in their love lives. Thanks so a few key developments in human history, long-distance couples now have it easier than ever.

The Hunter-Gatherer Couple
Neanderthal men leave for hunting expeditions for a period of time, completely cutting out previous moments from their roughly 30-year lifespan.

The Homing Pigeon Couple
Around 770 BC, homing pigeons are used to send messages in ancient Greece. Long-distance lovers get access to airborne couple communication.

The Papyrus Couple
Papyrus scrolls and parchment provide a light and portable way to communicate between lovers around 500 BC. No pigeons necessary.

The Telegraphy Couple
With a long-distance telegraph available after 1843, couples transmit messages in shorter time than waiting for a postal service.

The Telephony Couple
The invention of the telephone revolutionized the long-distance relationship. By 1914, the first crosscontinental telephone call was made, connecting overseas lovers.

The Mobile Couple
With the first U.S. cell phone network in 1983, long-distance lovers don’t have to wait at home for calls. Mobile and car phones keep couples connected anywhere.

The Text-Crazy Couple
Millions of couples are connected through text0enabled phones. Communicating without a full phone conversation becomes a habit for some text-crazed couples.

The Photo-Sharing Couple V.2
Taking texts to the next level, smartphone-enabled couples communicate through photos and video clips instantly from anywhere.

The Gaming Couple
Online social games give gaming-inclined couples a way to engage and have fun while apart, not just chat with each other.

The Multimedia Couple
New Platforms let long-distance lovers combine video chat with games, photos, video and more. Gone are the days of syncing.

The Ancient War-Torn Couple
Since the dawn of civilization, war has separated couples for stretches of time. Though today’s war-torn couples can video chat instantly, earlier couples had to wait it out.

The Postal Couple
The very first postal service is developed in China around 900 BC, giving couples everywhere a way to communicate—though response times long.

The Photo Sharing Couple V.1
Once photography is developed around 1814, long-distance couples share and cherish life-like images of their loved ones.

The Pony Express Couple
By the 1860’s, the Pony Express brings mail service to parts of the U.S. Long-distance couples everywhere enjoy a more reliable way of sending love letters.

The Movie Night Couple
With a phone in one hand and a remote in the other, couples coordinate their new VCRs to sync up. The long-distance movie night is born.

The AIM Couple
The internet brings the long-distance relationship into a new era. Live instant messaging keeps couple up for hours on end and distracted at work.

The Social Networking Couple
Social networks give long-distance couples a platform to connect within a virtual circle of friends and see a partner’s activity—good or bad.

The Web-Phone Couple
Internet-based phone calls let couple chat for longer without worrying about the cost. Marathon phone sessions go uninterrupted.

The Webcam Couple
Internet + video = long-distance relationship gold. For many today, the webcam is an indispensable tool that keeps relationships afloat.

Sources: Inventors.about.com, “The long distance relationship guide” by Carline Tiger, Historyworld.net

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The Evolution of Long Distance Relationships

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As quickly as new technologies are developed, people find ways to use them in their love lives. Thanks to a few key developments in human history, long-distance couples now have it easier than ever.
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