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Evil Effects Of Bad Infographics

How a Bad Infograph Can Ruin Your Business
Typical Mistakes People Make Creating Infographs
Present many numbers in a small space
Copy ideas from other infographics
Create infographic that shouts about something like “How Great My Company Is”
Make the Infographic tough to share
Present an excel sheet as an infographic design
Choose the wrong colors

What Makes Content Bad?
Misleading or downright wrong data
Wikipedia as the only source
Outdated information (more than 12 months old)
Non interesting topic
Bed speling or GraMA
Data infographic Graphic

What Harm A Bad Infographic Can Do To Your Business
It can ruin your reputation and scare off your clients.
Users would unlike/unsubscribe/unfollow indicating a decline in brand awareness.
It can give the wrong impression about your brand.
All that hard work and money for setting up a good reputation can be completely let down.
Traffic to your website would decline along with your social media activities.
It won’t help you getting found in search. Who’s there?
Don’t watch the slow death of your brand. Hiring an infographic design expert will help you overcome these issues and create a meaningful and effective infographic for your brand.

Evil Effects Of Bad Infographics

shared by infographicdesi... on Feb 16, 2012 in Humor

Evil Effects Of Bad Infographics

shared by infographicdesi... on Feb 16, 2012 in Humor


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A bad infographic can ruin your business. This good infographic talks about the evil effects of bad infographics and what to do to avoid them.
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