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English language facts

English Matters
English today is claimed to be the third largest language by number of native speakers, after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. Combining native and non-native speakers it is considered to be the most commonly spoken language in the world.
54 countries have English as an official language
Countries where English is an official language, or national language, and is spoken fluently but the majority of the population.
Countries where it is an official but not primary language
Percentage of the adult population of some non-English speaking EU countries claimed to be able to converse in English
Sweden 85%
Denmark 83%
Netherlands 79%
Luxembourg 66%Finland, Slovenia, Austria, Belgium, Germany >50%
Approximately more than a billion second language speakers 1.2
Approximately 375 million English native speakers
1/6 one out of every six people in the world can speak English
English is the official language for aeronautical and maritime communications
80% of the information stored in the world’s computers is in English
More than a half of the world’s technical and scientific periodicals are in English
English is the medium for international education
English is used as the primary medium of instruction in education in particular where international students study.

English language facts

shared by customwriting on Sep 15, 2012 in Education

English language facts

shared by customwriting on Sep 15, 2012 in Education


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English language has become a global means of communication, it is not only the most widely written (counting scientific articles, periodical and the impressing fact that it is a common language of th...
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