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Digital Music Subscription Services Compared

Subscription Music Services



number of subscribers: 10 million

number of songs: 15 million

apps: web desktop android iphone

compatible with cars:Spain in seat ibiza

consumer electronics:logitech, squeeze box,onkyo, telia tv in finland

pricing: open desktop only access, 4.99 per month unlimited, 9.99 per month premium

social integration: facebook, twitter, sms

music library integration: yes

other content:none

countries: Sweden, norway, finland, uk, us, france, spain and the netherlands



number of subscribers: undisclosed

number of songs: 11 million

apps: web, iphone, android

compatible with cars: select bmw and mini us cars

consumer electronics: sonus, roko, lg, blueray

pricing: 4.99 basic, 9.99 primo

social integration:facebook, twitter

music library integration: none

other content:none

countries: us



number of subscribers: 800,000

number of songs: 12 million

apps: bbm, android, iphone, web , desktop

compatible with cars: no

consumer electronics: sanos, logitech, yamaha, sony

pricing: 9.99 per month premium, premier plus is 14.99 per month

social integration:facebook, twitter, email

music library integration: yes

other content:none

countries: US



number of subscribers: 25 million

number of songs: 8 million

apps: web, desktop, iphone, symbian, android

compatible with cars: audi

consumer electronics: logitech, sony, connected tv

pricing: 3.99 per month radio, 9.99 per month premium radio

social integration: twitter

music library integration:none

other content:news content

countries: us and canada



number of subscribers:35 million

number of songs: millions

apps: web, desktop, iphone, android, bbm

compatible with cars:via livio radio's carmen car kit

consumer electronics: none

pricing: plus 6.00 per month, anywhere 9.00 per month

social integration: twitter, facebook, stumble upon, redditt, email

music library integration:yes

other content:none

countries: global

Digital Music Subscription Services Compared

shared by Anonymous (not verified) on Jul 21, 2011 in Social Media

Digital Music Subscription Services Compared

shared by Anonymous (not verified) on Jul 21, 2011 in Social Media


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Spotify, Rdio, MOG, Rhapsody, Slacker, Grooveshark -- the list of available music subscription services is growing. Which should you choose? Mashable's infographic will help you sort out the details.
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