Diagrams Rule: A Satirical Look at Infographics

Infographics are a visual representation of information which can range drastically in their complexities, yet will always (at least attempt to) provide an instant and often universal explanation. Let�۪s see, shall we?

287 Infographics examined during the making of this infographic. That�۪s a lot of freakin info

Arrows point to stuff. See that big text there? yeah. you did. cause it�۪s big. that is what makes it look important no matter what the content is.

Diagramas Rule- especially when they are about your typical elements found in infographics. captivating, reading? ooo shiny! typography, eye sore, yay for infographics, graphics, boring, waste ���o�۪, irrelevant

Infographics use maps to overgeneralize stuff. Cities where stuff happens. Places these cities don�۪t care about.

1 in 5 people are displayed this way in infographics. wtf?

this is the same graph only in pie shape form. this was done to over emphasize a very simple point but now you think it�۪s really important.

likelihood of seeing a cool angled bar graph





typography along a path is dizzying- 3D graphs possess the power to make any and all data more credible because it looks complicated. horray!! less :( More!

5 hours/ 5 min

amout of time it took to make this infographic as opposed to writing out these points.

Diagrams Rule: A Satirical Look at Infographics

shared by admin on Feb 16, 2011 in Other

Diagrams Rule: A Satirical Look at Infographics

shared by admin on Feb 16, 2011 in Other


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A visual representation of data which ideally provide an instantly understandable representation of that data. Does this form of informational media make information more clear or does it muddle rele...
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