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Dating and Disability: Even the Disabled have their Normal Sexual Urges

Dating & Disability

Even the disabled have their normal sexual urges

Many disabled persons have a very happy, successful and fulfilling relationships.

Myths About Relationship & Disability

not allowed to have children

They are not sexually attractive

They do not need sex

They don't need sexuality education

They are oversexed


Self-Image & Disability

Sexuality is a key part of human nature

They might also be unsure how to negotiate relationships

They might find it difficult to express their sexuality

They might also have limited opportunities for sexual relationships

The sexual function or feeling might be limited

Online Dating Advantages For The Disabled

The aimm is to make people at ease with the disability

Viewers will hopefully be able to understand that disability as not a thing to be dreaded

Allows them to get an insight on who you really are and not what you are

Wheelchair Dating

Dating someone in a wheelchair is no different from dating an able-bodied individual

Like able-bodied persons, some people in wheelchairs are loving & interesting while some are jerks

Get into the comfort zone

Be willing to help

Remember that your date is different

Shrug off the stares

Know that it is ok if the date is not perfect

Tuppy Owens

A well known sex therapist and writer founded a charitable organisation campaigning for people with disabilities seeking sexual partners.

"It isn't just about finding a partner but being in a group of people who acknowledge that you are a sexual person regardless of what you look like or sound like."

"We're campaigning for sex to go on the agenda for all occupational therapists or disability agencies so that if somebody in that position wants to, they can have this dealt with professionally."

Dating and Disability: Even the Disabled have their Normal Sexual Urges

shared by shanemarks3 on Aug 29, 2013 in Love and Sex


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This is an infographic on dating and disability. It is important to realize the fact that even the disabled have their normal sexual urges.
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