CS6 Adobe Premiere Shortcut Keys

adobe premiere cs6 mac cheat sheet


f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 f6 f7 f8 f9 f10 f11 f12

Camera1 ! 1 project

Camera2 @ 2 source

camera3 # 3 timeline

camera4 4

camera5 % 5

camera6 ^ 6

camera7 & 7 effects

camera8 8

camera9 ( 9

) 0 record

- _ zoom out

+ = zoom in


go to in point { Q quit

go to out point W close window }

Eject E

Rewind R reader

track tool T

slip tool Y

slide tool U

mark in I import

Mark out O

pen tool P

trim back [ {

trim fwrd ] }

play around \ |

caps lock

track select tool A

snap on/off S stop

clear in point D {

clear out point } F

record G

hand tool H Hide PR

Shuttle Left J

Shuttle stop K

shuttle right L

lift ; :

extract ' "

open return


zoom tool Z undo

rate strech tool X

razor tool C copy

selection tool V paste

ripple edit tool B new bin

roll edit tool N New Sequence

marker M export media

insert , <

overwrite >

? /


fn control alt option command play/stop command option alt prev frame media start prev edit scroll up prev edit scroll down next frame media end

playback & navigation keys

J shuttle left (tap twice for faster RW)

K stop

L shuttle right (tap twice for faster FW)

L/R arrows move one frame-/+

space play/stop

enter render

I mark in point

O mark out point

= zoom in

- zoom out

delete ripple delete selected from timeline

basic editing keys

V selection tool

C razor tool

B ripple edit tool

A Track select tool

N Roll Edit Tool

Z Zoom in/out

S Snap (turn on/off)

U Slide Edit Tool

X Rate Strech Tool

P Pen Tool

<> Insert & Overwrite Tool

Project Commands

Cmd-O New Project

Cmd-N New Sequence

Cmd-/(forward slash) New Bin

Cmd-I Import

Cmd-Opt-I Import From Media Browser

Cmd-M Emport

Cmd-Shift-S Save As

Cmd-Shift-W Close Project

Cmd-R Speed/Duration

Cmd-A Select All

Cmd-Shift-A Deselect All

Copy & Paste

Cmnd-C Copy

Cmnd-X Cut

Cmnd-V Paste Over

Cms-Shift-/ Duplicate

Opt-Cmd-V Paste Attributes

Cmnd-Z Undo

Cmnd-Shift-Z Redo

Opt-X Clear In & Out

CS6 Adobe Premiere Shortcut Keys

shared by ashley.romo.33 on Aug 01, 2013 in Technology

CS6 Adobe Premiere Shortcut Keys

shared by ashley.romo.33 on Aug 01, 2013 in Technology


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Discover basic editing shortcuts and commands for CS6 Adobe Premiere with this Mac Cheat Sheet.
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