College Life vs. The Working World

It's Wonderful (Student) Life



8.3:hours of sleep college students average a night.

30-50% of college students nap.

7.7:hours of sleep employed professionals get a night.

You're wearing that?

15,619 people "Like" the "Rolling up to school with sweatpants and a tee shirt and not giving a sh*t" page on Facebook.

Appearance is the number one characteristic employers associate with unprofessionalism.

not professional

23% of students have one to three tattoos.

Rush Hour

67% of four-year students live on campus- Walking distance to class.

45.6 minutes is the average round-trip commute for the working professional.

Vacation Time

The average college student gets

22 weeks of vacation per year.

The average professional gets 2.5 weeks of vacation per year.

Dolla' Dolla' Bills,Yo

65% of students worry about having enough money to make it through the week.

Average starting salary for college graduates:$48,661

Now That Is Funny

The tradition of college pranks at MIT spans

136+ years

Back in 1875,students sprinkled mild explosives on classroom floors to set off fireworks with every step.

Number of "office humor mugs" for sale on CafePress.com:27,300

Down Time

Hours of leisure and sports the

average student gets per day:3.6

Hours of leisure and sports the average professional gets a day:2.6

Playing Hooky

29% of college students report only showing up to class to take exams or to borrow notes and other materials from classmates.

29% of workers report playing hooky from the office at least once last year,calling in sick when they were well.

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College Life vs. The Working World

shared by astoudt on Jul 22, 2011 in Humor

College Life vs. The Working World

shared by astoudt on Jul 22, 2011 in Humor


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A look at all of the ways college life differs from the working world -- like vacation, students get 22 weeks on average. Professionals? 2.5 weeks...
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