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Can Blackberry come back? 2013 Smartphone prediction

1.4 Billion:Smartphones to be activated in 2013*

*Devices in active use in 2013, rather than the number of devices getting slipped for sale.

2013 2013 2013 2013 2013

268 Million Number of tablets in 2013

Microsoft and Blackberry are still alive...barely

MS Microsoft will ship on just 3.2% of Phones in 2013-45 million handsets.

BB Blackberry will ship on 1% of handsets sold in 2013.

798 Million 57% ANDROID HANDSETS and % of android market is here in 2013

Android has good reason to be happy in 2013

294 Million iOS devices worldwide 21% of devices worldwide.

75M Android tablets 166M iOS tablets in 2013 5M windows tablets

TABLETS:IOS dominates in 2013

Can Blackberry come back? 2013 Smartphone prediction

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Research group API has released its forecast for mobile handsets in 2013. Android will keep its lead in handsets and iOS will continue to dominate in tablets. Microsoft and BlackBerry will remain in t...
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