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Business travel trends 2013



Carbon Emission Trading:

non-european carriers

will be exempt from the

controversial EU

Emissions Trading Scheme

until the autumn, pending

a global agreement

through the international

Civil Aviation Organisation

Duty of care to

employees: awareness

of the business/moral

responsibilities will rise

worldwide, although

marked regional

differences are likely

to remain

Hotel reviews by corporate

travellers will improve the travel

experience and boost negotia-

tions with hoteliers. While 1 in 3

business travellers already post

reviews online of properties they

stay at, social reviews will hold

more sway in the business travel

programme with the adoption

of new corporate review sites

Inflation may it travel

prices modestly

overall, with increases

of well under 5% except

in Asia Pacific (car

rental) and Latin

America (hotel rates)

Well-being: increased

awareness of traveller

stress may lead some

companies to revisit their

travel policy to improve

the work-life balance

Quick quiz: what will be the

top travel management

priority for 2013?

a) Optimizing hotel spend

b) Driving air and ground

transport savings

c) Optimizing the travel policy

answer: b

Visa regulations will be

relaxed in some countries

(e.g., Russia's rules for U.S.

citizens, Taiwan's entry in

the U.S. Visa Waiver

Programme, likely to be

followed by Brazil) and

tightened in others (e.g.

China) requiring vigilance

for business travellers

Technology will be the

traveller's best friend,

with mobile/WiFi

connectivity and a

growing range of business

travel apps making

smoother and more


Packed planes will be

the norm as airlines

adjust capacity

cautiously to meet

traffic growth

Low-cost carriers will

gain more ground in

the travel programme

as new entrants open

up opportunities,

especially in Asia

Pacific and Latin


Business travel trends 2013

shared by Heather Griffin on Jun 16, 2013 in Travel

Business travel trends 2013

shared by Heather Griffin on Jun 16, 2013 in Travel


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This graphic showcases some of the top travel trends that will arise for people who travel for business during 2013
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