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Burj Dubai

Burj Dubai
Tallest building in the world

Tower’s spire visible from
60 miles away

project cost about US $4.1 bn

8 million cubic feet of concrete used in construction

22 million man hours spent building structure

26,000 glass panels for the exterior cladding

10°c cooler at the top than the bottom

160 room hotel
designed by Georgio Armani

3,000 stairs from bottom to top

US $217m
cost of the exterior Dubai Fountain

part of the entire new
Downtown Dubai
US $20 bn

---on the 158th floor, the world’s tallest mosque

---on the 143rd floor, the world's highest nightclub

308. 8m taller than Taipei 101
(world’s next tallest building)

---from the 124th floor public observation deck,
you can see IRAN

---height of the Residential Suites

---on the 76th floor, the worlds highest swimming pool

---height of the Armanl hotel

www.menaintra. corn

Burj Dubai

shared by maggie on May 13, 2011 in Other

Burj Dubai

shared by maggie on May 13, 2011 in Other


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Burj Dubai is the tallest building the world. The tower, which is in Dubai, literally towers over the competition, is a testament to what men are capable of achieving with a little bit of imagination ...
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