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Breaking Bad Periodic table

Breaking Bad

Protago Nistas

Familia Walter White


Trabajo Walter White

Amigos Jesse

Pollos Hermanos

Familia Jesse Pinkman

Grupo Saul

Familia Margolis



1. Walter White

2. Jesse Pinkman

3. Skyler White

4. Marie Schrader

5. Hank Schrader

6. Saul Goodman

7. Combo

8. Badger

9. Skinny Pete

10. Clovis

11. Mr Pinkman

12. Mrs Pinkman

13. Jake Pinkman

14. Andra Cantillo

15. Walter W. Jr.

16. George

17. Gomez

18. Huell

19. Mr Margolis

20. Mrs Margolis

21. Group Leader

22. Tomas Cantillo

23. Carmen

24. Tortuga

25. Detective Roberts

26. Francesca

27. Gaff

28. Dr. Delcavoli

29. Tyrus

30. Salamanca

31. Tuco

32. Brock

33. Bodgan

34. Gretchen

35. Td

36. Gus

37. Mike

38. Victor

39. Gale

40. Krazy 8

41. Leonel

42. Marcos

Breaking Bad Periodic table

shared by vargasvargas on Aug 22, 2012 in Entertainment

Breaking Bad Periodic table

shared by vargasvargas on Aug 22, 2012 in Entertainment


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Characters of the TV Show Breking Bad in the shape pf a periodic Table, with relations between.
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