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Branding Process Infographic

Steps for the Branding Process for both small and large businesses.

When creating a brand there is a logic to the set of branding process steps. Strategy is often the first step followed but the marketing plan. Once these two steps in the branding process are done you can move through the chart in developing visual branding and messaging that will carry through all your delivery vehicles.

Over the past year, web pages have on average become 25% bigger. Based on the top 1,000 websites on the Internet, the average page size has gone from 626 kB to 784 kB.

5% of small business don�۪t yet have a website. And how is that 41% of businesses think they can get along just fine without one?

The average American watches 34 hours of television per week.


Plan Business card

TV Logo Letter Head

Radio Print Direct Mail Brochure

Outdoor Website Premiums

Social Media SEO/SEM Emails Banners Mobile

58.2% or Small Businesses have a presence on either Facebook or twitter, but only 22% on both.

Indirect Pathway

Direct Pathway

Interesting Facts

70% of companies don�۪t have a mobile site.

Email is the preferred method of commercial communication by 74% of all online adults.

Branding Process Infographic

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When creating a brand there is a logic to the set of branding process steps. As you can see along the way, most steps do not have to be followed in an order but can move and skip into the vehicles tha...
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