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Bones Timeline of Love





Season One, Episode One

Dr. Temperance Brennan is busted

at airport security, carrying a human skull.

FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth releases

Brennan, but it's really just a plot to get

her to work on a special case.

"Special case." Ahem.


"Aliens In A Spaceship:

Season 2, Episode 9

Booth saves Brennan from a buried car,

and they wind up going to church

together. AWWWWWW!

"The Santa In The Slush"

Season 3, Episode 9

Brennan spends Christmas Eve in jail,

but Booth brings her a Christmas tree.

There was mistletoe and some smooching,

but no packages, if you know what

I'm saying.

"Double Trouble in

The Panhandle"

Season 4, Episode 12

Booth saves Brennan have fake

sex in a trailer. Fake? Yeah Sure.

"The Beginning In The End"

Season 5, Episode 22

THE FIRST REAL KISS. As long as you

don't count the mistletoe incident

or the "fake" sex in the trailer.

You really expect me to

buy that it was fake?


"The Doctor In The Photo"

Season 6, Episode 9

Brennan realizes she loves Booth and she

tells him she loves him. But Booth is

with Hannah. And, we have to

wait even longer for the

love connection.


"The Prisoner In The Pipe"

Season 7, Episode 7

BOOM! YES! A BABY! In season

6, Booth and brennan hook up, and

this is what happens. She has to

have the baby in a stable. Come

on, really? Can they get any

cuter? A baby. In a stable.

That's LOVE.

Season 8




And it just

keeps getting


Brennan and Booth

are in love, have a baby

and Brennan is on the

run. There's serial

killers and

investigations and

claims that Brennan

is a murderer. Can

Booth clear her name?

Bones Timeline of Love

shared by stefaniedavis88 on May 12, 2013 in Entertainment

Bones Timeline of Love

shared by stefaniedavis88 on May 12, 2013 in Entertainment


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This infographic will reveal the timeline of the progression of the heroines love for each other. If you are a huge fan of Bones, you certainly want to inspect this out to scrutinize notes. By the ...
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