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Blood Pressure Chart

Blood Pressure Chart

Systolic 50-65, Diastolic 35-45 - Medication Required

70-85, 50-55 - Too Low Meds May Be Required to Prevent Fainting Synocope

90-100, 60-65 - Athletes and Children

105-130, 70-85 - Excellent

135-145, 85-90 - Borderline Some Doctors Will Prescribe Meds

150-160, 95-100 - Too High Most Doctors Will Prescribe Meds

165-180, 100-110 - Far Too High Medication is Strongly Advised

185-230, 110-135 - Too High Medication is Absolutely Necessary To Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke

Blood Pressure Chart

shared by bpchart on Jul 25, 2012 in Health

Blood Pressure Chart

shared by bpchart on Jul 25, 2012 in Health


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All Information related to Low and High Blood Pressure, Readings, Charts, Symptoms, Diagnosis and their treatment for Adults and Children
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