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The Bigger Picture: 10 Common Core Facts You Should Know

The Bigger Picture

10 Common Core Facts You Should Know

CCSS officially released June 2, 2010

2014-2015 expected rollout year for CCSS common assessments for students

45 states, the D.C. and 4 territories

formerly adopted the CCSS

2,972,000 US public school teachers transitioning to the CCSS

45,750,000 US public school students will be learning the CCSS

89,970 U.S. public school districts have adopted the CCSS

1,061 Standards for grades K-12

$350,000,000 Federal Grants awarded to develop common assessments for the CCSS

$4,350,000,000 Federal Grants awarded to 12 states through the Race to the Top contest, where adopting the CCSS was a prerequisite


26 Member states of the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) consortium

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

31 Member states of the SMARTER Balanced Assessment consortium

40,000 Common Core Ninjas on www.corestand.com since 2012

The Bigger Picture: 10 Common Core Facts You Should Know

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A lot’s happened since the Common Core Standards were released in June of 2010. Get a bigger picture understanding of the scope and sequence of their nationwide adoption in CoreStand’s latest inf...
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