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Best Time to Tweet or Post to Facebook for Click-Throughs

Best Time to Tweet or Post to Facebook for Click-Through

When should I post hits? Best time to share on Twitter and Facebook for click through.
Wondering the best time to post to Facebook or Twitter? Bit.ly recently reported the best times to get click-through.
Twitter Best time to tweet (for click through)
Post early in the afternoon Monday- Thursday
1-3 pm
Unless it’s breaking news, AVOID tweeting important content after 8 pm and forget about after 3 pm on Friday.
Twitter gets the most traffic 9 am – 3 pm Mon-Thurs. But Tweeting when there is high traffic may mean more competition. Choose wisely.
Facebook best time to post (for click-throughs)
Wednesday at 3 pm is the time for the absolute highest average click throughs. Generally, links posted mid-week 1-4 pm bring high click rates.
Facebook traffic ramps up about 9 am and fades after 4 pm but waiting until after 11 am may be a good idea if you’re going for lots of click-throughs.

Best Time to Tweet or Post to Facebook for Click-Throughs

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There are few resources better than URL shortener bitly for monitoring click-through rates for content shared on Facebook and Twitter. So when bitly released a report last month telling us all the bes...
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