The Benefits of Playing Team Sports

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Those who play team sports learn how to think quickly and deal with disappointment. They also gain self-discipline and problem-solving skills. Check out this sporting goods infographic to learn more about the benefits of playing team sports.


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THE BENEFITS OF PLAYING TEAM SPORTS PHYSICAL BENEFITS Regular exercise is important for every age group REDUCES THE RISK OF: Cardiovascular disease High blood pressure High cholesterol Obesity Diabetes Certain types of cancer Improves strength and flexibility, and coordination Boots energy levels Makes heart and lungs work more efficiently MENTAL BENEFITS Exercise reduces the risk of depression RELEASES ENDORPHINS Reduce your perception of pain Contribute to post-exercise feeling of euphoria Can help reduce stress levels TEAM SPORTS ENCOURAGE HEALTHY COMPETITION Players learn: To think quickly To deal with disappointment and loss self-discipline Problem-solving skills SOCIAL BENEFITS COOPERATION Players learn to work as a team Sports show that the group is just as important as the individual There's no "I" in team! Players can appreciate other' efforts and receive appreciation back INSTRUCTION Coaches give players a positive role model Players learn how to follow directions Players learn patience as they acquire new skills FRIENDSHIP Players form bands with teammates These bonds last after the game is over Sharing memories of games won or lost strengthens relationships