Benefits Of Corporate Branding

What is Corporate Branding?

Corporate Branding is the practice of applying company's name to a product and using the vision and culture of the company explicitly as part of its unique selling proposition.

How It Helps Your Business:

Increases awareness about a product.

Creates brand recognition for that product.

Familiarizes consumers with the product.

Creates brand loyalty.


Well directed Corporate Branding has made several companies very successful in creating high brand value with a positive image.

Coca Cola Brand Valuation

$66.67 bn - 2008

$68.73 bn - 2009

$70.45 bn - 2010

$73.75 bn - 2011

Stakeholders Involved In Corporate Branding

The Corporate Brand contributes to the images formed and held by all its stakeholders.






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Benefits Of Corporate Branding

shared by infographicdesi... on Feb 07, 2012 in Business

Benefits Of Corporate Branding

shared by infographicdesi... on Feb 07, 2012 in Business


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Corporate Branding explained in the most visually appealing way. This infographic easily makes you understand about the benefits of corporate branding.
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