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Are You a Hipster?

Are you a hipster?

Do you like Bon Iver?


Not after he went grammy.

Who's Bon Iver?

Do you shop at Urban or AA?


I only buy pre worn

I prefer Walmart.

Which do your glasses most resemble?


Do you wear Chuck Taylors?


Do Asics Count?

Are you an artist, musician, writer, photographer or barista?

I rock at instagram & garage band


Do you think you're a Hipster?

No---- Face it dude, you are a Hipster.

Yes---- Close but no hand-rolled cigar

If you answered Who is Bon Iver? ----- You are so un-hipster it's almost cool.

Are You a Hipster?

shared by nicolai007 on Mar 22, 2012 in Humor

Are You a Hipster?

shared by nicolai007 on Mar 22, 2012 in Humor


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No one thinks they're a hipster. Are you?
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