As an organization that both practices and recognizes quality data-journalism, Visual.ly subscribes to the code of ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists and agrees to abide by all of its principles.
We also agree to the following principles to support data analysis and visualization:
Data will be accurate and verifiable - Visual.ly will not "lie with statistics."
Proper Sourcing & Attribution - Visual.ly will always give credit where due and will do its own reporting.
Best Practices in Visual Representation - Visual.ly will not exploit idiosyncrasies of the human visual system to exaggerate or misrepresent data.
Most succinctly stated, Visual.ly's policy is one that encompasses accuracy, honesty, and transparency.
While Visual.ly will do our best to promote these standards, the policy applies only to the visualizations we create ourselves and those we feature as staff picks, not to those uploaded by members of the community.