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Abortion Statistics Infographic

Abortion in the United States


World Population - 7 Billion

Abortion Occurrence
17% - Developed Countries
83% - Developing Countries

Birth Rate
133 Million/per year

Abortion Rate
42 Million/per year

U.S. Population
313 Million

Death Rate
2.6 Million/per year

Birth Rate
4.3 Million/per year

Abortion Rate
1.4 Million/per year


U.S. Population

White - 69%
Black - 12%
Hispanic 13%
Other - 6%

White - 36%
Black - 36%
Hispanic 22%
Other - 6%

1.2% 15 years old and younger
16.4% 15-19 years old
32.6% 20-24 years old
23.4% 25-29 years old
14.5% 30-34 years old
8.7% 35-39 years old
3.2% 40 years old and up


Rape or Incest 1%
Potential Health Problems 6%.
Social Reasons 93%
(i.e. the child is unwanted
or inconvenient)


38% Protestants
31% Catholic
24% No Religion
1.3% Jewish
5.7% Other

Abortion Statistics Infographic

shared by livecitizen on Apr 09, 2012 in Politics

Abortion Statistics Infographic

shared by livecitizen on Apr 09, 2012 in Politics


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The first table illustrates the comparison of birth rate per year and the abortion rate per year. Second table is focused on the abortion statistics in the United States and it includes the percentage...
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