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6 Common Tools Used in Gardening Space [Infographic]

6 Common Tools Used in Gardening Space

Following are eight common tools for garden lovers who use these tools generally for gardening purposes. These tools can help them in saving their time as well as saving big amount of energy of a gardener.

Stainless Steel Lawn Edger

The lawn edger has a half-moon shape with turnover treads. Polished head securely fixed to tubular steel handle.

Friskars Lawn Shears

These are Lightweight plastic-coated hardened aluminum shafts and ergonomic handles with shaped soft grips for optimum grip and handling these sharers area must for any gardener.

Lawn Rake

A lawn rake with 16 e-poxy coated round steel tines. Used for scarifying lawns by removing the dead thatch and promoting healthy new growth. The handle is 130 cm/54 in long.

Lawn Scarifier

Lawn scarifier removes matted grass, moss and other dead material to encourage healthy lawn growth.

Petrol Hedge Trimmer Draper

This is a double-sided dual reciprocating blade for enhanced cutting efficiency.

Spade Draper

It is an epoxy coated carbon steel, fully hardened and tempered with plastic coated steel cored shaft and plastic Y-Dee handle.

6 Common Tools Used in Gardening Space [Infographic]

shared by jayson986 on Aug 13, 2012 in Home

6 Common Tools Used in Gardening Space [Infographic]

shared by jayson986 on Aug 13, 2012 in Home


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A brilliant infographic about those common tools used in lawn improvement and gardening space.
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