50 Things a Geek Should Know

50 Things A Geek Should Know

In days of yore, it was easy to spot a geek. We were the ones inside on a sunny day indulging our unfashionable obsessions to the detriment to our social standing.

Now, thanks to the arrival of "geek-chic", what once would result in ridicule is now considered "really cool".

So, to separate the programmers from the posers, and the haxxors from the hipsters, here follows a list of things that every geek should know.

Movies & Television

Know the difference between an AT-AT and an AT-ST

Know how many stargates are on Earth.

Know how to give the Vulcan "Live Long and Prosper" hand sign.

Know what word the "Knights who say Ni" can't stand.

Know the names of all eleven actors who played Doctor Who

Know why May The Fourth is a religious holiday.

Know the answer to the "Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything".

Know the names of the three main NERV pilots from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Know where Mulder considers the truth to be.

Know why people should "try turning it off and on again" before they all the IT department.

Computers & Technology

Know how to use Linux.

Know where their local Hackerspace is.

Know how to build a BTC Mining Rig.

Know how to hide files inside of a JPEG picture.

Know who is the patron saint of computers.

Know the PSU Paperclip Trick.

Know how to boot from a USB.

Know how to flash a GFX card's BIOS.

Know how to build and program a fighting robot.

Know how to jail break an iPhone.

Heroes & Villains

Know the difference between Warcraft & Warhammer.

Know who Alan Moore's god is.

Know the (kinda emo) name Superman gave to his fortress. Fortress of Solitude

Know in which city the world's largest Comic Con is held.

Know how to construct a perfect grade Bandai model kit.

Know the Bene Gesserit's Litany Against Fear.

Know at least 5 phrases in Klingon.

Know that Han Shot First.

Know the One Ring to rule them all quote from LOTR.

Know that Franklin Richards controls the Marvel Universe.

The Internet

Know how to do a barrel roll.

Know how to create a basic website using only notepad.

Know how to spend Bitcoin.

Know how to read 1337 5p34k at normal reading speed.

Know how to use a proxy server to stay anonymous.

Know how to find a GEO Cache.

Know which "chan" /image board/ to visit.

Know how to play Snake on YouTube.

Know about The Eternal War.

Know what There's no place like means.

Board & Video Games

Know how to mine obsidian in Minecraft.

Know how to set up a LAN party.

Know what LARP stands for.

Know how to survive winter in Dwarf Fortress.

Know how many quests you need to complete in World of Warcraft to become a Loremaster.

Know what you need to build the Longest Road in Settlers of Catan.

Know how to solve a Rubik's Cube.

Know how to make it through the classic D&D Tomb of Horrors.

Know which continent to aim for first in Risk.

Know the power of the Black Lotus Magic: The Gathering card.

How 1337 A Geek Are You?

1-10 Fail. You're a keeg.

11-20 Thick-rimmed glasses don't make you a Geek.

21-30 You need to get back to BASIC.

31-40 You used to be a leet Geek... but then you took an arrow to the knee.

41-49 The force is strong with this one.

50 You are the Kwisatz Haderach!

50 Things a Geek Should Know

shared by Neomam on Aug 08, 2013 in Entertainment

50 Things a Geek Should Know

shared by Neomam on Aug 08, 2013 in Entertainment


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Remember that time when geeks were the ones that always got stuck in their lockers at school? That really changed… However, even today not everyone is a real geek, so take this test and find out who...
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