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4th of July Fun Facts

4th of July Fun Facts

156 Years (1620-1776)

From when the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock and independence was declared


Fireworks were approved by congress to celebrate independence day.

25 Million Pounds of fireworks were sold to cities across the US for celebrations in 2012

John Hancock was the first to sign the declaration. He was president of the Continental Congress and has the most noticeable signature on the document.

56 people signed the Declaration of Independence some as late as 1786

1870 the 4th of July is declared a national holiday

1938 the 4th of July is declared a paid holiday

11 places in the US have ���Independence�۝ in their name.

3 Presidents have died on the 4th of July. John Adams. Thomas Jefferson. James Monroe.

150 Million hotdogs are eaten year 4th of July

110 Billion Dollars was traded between the US and England last year.

Happy 4th of July!

4th of July Fun Facts

shared by JustinPoore on Jul 02, 2013 in History

4th of July Fun Facts

shared by JustinPoore on Jul 02, 2013 in History


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Here are some really interesting and fun facts about the history of America's independence, and the day that has become one of America's most celebrated holidays. Share with your patriotic friends and enjoy!
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