22 things to do during your internship program

22 things to do

1. Be Enthusiastic
-It will be noticed.
-You will be given good work.

2. Ask Questions
-Please let's not irritate our seniors
-Ask genuine questions

3. Say Thanks
- If our questions are answered, then please say “Thank you”

4. Stay in touch
- Sag bye and also "See you again”.

5. Be smart
- no one likes training dumb cows. Please be smart!

6. Take notes
- You might have a big brain. But people forget.

7. Cover your ass
- If you don't know what something means... Google it!

8. Find a mentor
- not everyone will be willing to teach. Find one, and stick to him!

9. Work Hard
- Did you think an MBA degree would be an escape route?

10. Participate
- Sitting in one corner will make Jack a dull and boring boy.

11. Why bother?
- no jewels and or gems, but lifetime worth of experience

12. Find work
- Go on a treasure hunt. Look for work from seniors

13. Do Donkey work too
- Yeah yeah, it’s boring. But sure shot way to be successful someday!

14. Be on time
- no ones likes to see a red mark in the attendance manual

15. First impression
- Wear good clothes.
- Take a bath for a change and don’t pick your nose

16. Observe
- What is not learnt by mugging up is learnt by observing

17. Enjoy
- After Internship, it’s all targets, targets and targets!

18. Don't misuse
- Office internet, phone and printer is OFFICE Internet, phone and printer

19. Don't use LOL
- Email in English. U r not in a chat room.

20. Pardon your French
- Use Fish instead of F***

21. Attend meetings
- Request to be called for meetings. And don’t yawn there...

22. Be Yourself
- You are not Justin Beiber. Or ladg Gaga. Don’t try to be.

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22 things to do during your internship program

shared by ManagementParadise on Apr 02, 2012 in Education

22 things to do during your internship program

shared by ManagementParadise on Apr 02, 2012 in Education


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