13 Terrible Things That Have Happened on Friday The 13th

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Friday the 13th comes more around more frequently than most people think. And it’s just a silly superstition. Or is it?. For some cultures, the day is actually good luck. Do you know for whom? Here's An infographic about 13 Terrible Things That Have Happened on Friday The 13th.



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13 Terrible Things That Happened on Friday The 13th 1307 The Knights Templar are arrested and imprisoned by King Philip IV of France 1521 The Aztec Empire falls when Cortes captures the Aztec capitol of Tenochtitlan 1932 The largest brush fire in Australian history scorches over 5 million acres 1940 Germany kicks off The Blitz, bombing London for 76 straight nights 1970 An oxygen tank explodes on the Apollo 13 space shuttle 1970 A massive storm claims over 1 million lives in Bangladesh 1972 The ハラモAliveハラン plane crashes in the Andes Mountains, leaving a rugby team stranded 1986 The Olsen Twins are born, or possibly created in a ハラモPerfect Child Actorハラン lab experiment 1989 The Stock Market suffers a mini-crash, the 2nd largest drop in market history 1996 Rapper Tupac Shakur is pronounced dead after a fatal gunshot wound 1997 An Indian movie theater catches fire, killing 60 people 2009 ハラモ20012ハラン opens in theaters. It is terrible, yet strangely entertaining 2029 The asteroid 99942 Apophis is expected to pass dangerously close to Earth (even closer than our satellites)