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10 iPhone Fun Facts

10 iPhone Fun Facts

iPhone changed the way we are texting.
22% thinks sms is easier than calling.

iPhone was the first smartphone to introduce the coverflow.
9 out of 10 teens listen to music on their iPhones and iPods.

AppStore was the first place to legally download an app.
People leave $1 million a day in AppStore.

iPhone turns off the display when you lift it to your ear.
Some users still haven’t noticed that.

iPhone has taken the first place among smartphones only in 2010.
iPhone is used by 8% of people.

The first Apple unreleased phone’s code name was PURPLE 1.
Only 30 people knew about the iPhone.

.If you want to
Know the sms delivery status, put a dot at the start.
In some countries this may vary.

People often sell their old iPhone when buy a new one.
49% actually.

All Apple data centers will start using green power soon.
The 100 acres territory will be used.

iPhoneography has become a new photo-technic.
27% of photos are taken using a smartphone.

The iPhone’s evolution is connected with 200+ registered patents.

10 iPhone Fun Facts

shared by galina on Jun 02, 2012 in Technology

10 iPhone Fun Facts

shared by galina on Jun 02, 2012 in Technology


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